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How to Sign Up On RealtyFeed Dashboard
Posted by Amir E. on 11 June 2024 09:02 AM

To get API details for Demo or real MLS data, you need to sign up on RealtyFeed Dashboard!

What Is RealtyFeed Dashboard?

RealtyFeed system is Realtyna's MLS API portal. Anyone who plans to use our MLS Router™ / MLS On The Fly™ API services must create an account on this dashboard. 

Creating a user and subscribing to our API service is very easy and straightforward. Follow these steps:

#1 Create a User

First, click on the following link and create a user:

** N
OTE: If you already have a user on , you can use the same credentials to sign in **

#2 Verify Your Email

You will receive a verification code in your email. Enter and proceed:

#3 Complete Your Profile

Now, it's time to complete your profile:

  • Enter general information
  • Add your expertise
  • Add your Bio
  • Add your social media account

Please note that these details won’t affect your access or permissions in any way.

#4 Choose Your MLS Package

In this step, you can choose your MLS provider and subscribe for it:

  • Select MLS Data API >> MLS Router™ (MLS On the Fly™)

    and Click
  • Search and select Your MLS 

You can choose more than one MLS. 

#5 Check Out

In this step, click check out and proceed to payment:

Upon successful payment, you’ll see the following message and receive a confirmation email.

#6 Access Your API Details

You can now access your API details. Please note that until we receive approval from your MLS, you can only access demo data. Once approval is received, you will have the live MLS data on the same API. 

If you complete the verification via MLS verification in the Menu, your MLS status will be Pre-approved, and you can access MLS data immediately. some MLSs have some restrictions and they can not be pre-approved and you must wait until final approval by the MLS. 

Your API details (For MLS On The Fly™/ MLS Router™ Clients):

Click on Profile Image > API/Key Settings To see your API details as below:

You can copy them and add them where necessary.

Follow the steps below to initiate your MLS Approval request: 

* Click on Profile Images and choose "Your MLS Access Requests"

* Find your MLS on the list, clikc on ... and then "Edit"

* Complete the fields with the information you have for MLS:

NB: Kindly ensure that all fields are completed when submitting information. As the requirements vary across different MLSs, with some fields being mandatory and others not, providing complete details upfront will minimize the need for follow-up communication and expedite the approval process.

If you are an MLS/ IDX Widget user (for CMSs other than WordPress), follow the instructions here.

MLS Widgets Manual

For any questions or inquiries, contact us:


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