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How to change property title font family? UI Customizer options.
Posted by Tonya N. on 17 October 2022 11:19 AM
This article describes UI Customizer options, which are available only with WPL Pro version.

WPL UI Customizer includes lots of options, lets have a look on them.

UI Customizer options Customizer Status: enable Customizer options or disable them.
Save Changed Styles button: click on it after any changes that were made in UI Customizer.
Colors: changes the main color of the WPL views.

UI Customizer optionsMain font: under development.
Second Font: changes the property title font family on the property preview.
Profile email font: changes a profile email font on the profile details page and the agent info activity.
Property Header: changes the property title font size of the property preview (H3 HTML tag).
Property Location: changes the property address font size of the property preview (H4 HTML tag).
Profile Email: changes the profile email font size on the profile details page and the agent info activity.

Please note: some styles can be overridden by theme, for example, the font of the titles, color of the links and buttons.

UI Customizer optionsCustom Styles: here you can override WPL CSS by adding your custom CSS code.

UI Customizer optionsLayouts: dependents on the add-ons you have the options maybe different. You can change the Property, Complex or Neighborhood details page layout from Default to Layout2. By default, only Property Details Layout option included.

Columns Count: 
Property Listing: 
choose columns count for properties page (can be overridden in the shortcode).
Profile Listing:  choose columns count for agents page (can be overridden in the shortcode).
Property Show fields:  choose columns count of the property details page fields.
Neighborhood: choose columns count for neighborhoods page (can be overridden in the shortcode).

UI Customizer optionsListing Sort Option Type: changes the sort option view to List or Dropdown.
Listing Picture Mouseover Effect: disable/enable mouse over effect on the property preview.
Favorite button:  show or hide the heart button on the property preview.
Listing Switcher Type: changes the property listing page switcher type from Icon to Icon + Text.
Property Wizard: changes the property wizard layout from Vertical to Horizontal.

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