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How to connect WPL Pro to Zapier platform?
Posted by on 01 October 2021 10:25 AM
That allows users to integrate the web applications they use. You just need to register and choose your plan. We have our Zapier application which has its own trigger new WPL use), All you need to do is create Zap once. Zap is a blueprint for a task you want to do over and over, So whenever a new user will be added to WPL it will automatically send data to any other Zapier application like Mailchimp, Gmail, FollowUpBoss CRM, etc. In order to use our app, you must have our WPL API plugin installed.
Please follow the steps below:

1. Make a new Zap:

Configuring the first app:

2. Search for WPL app

3. Select the WPL app

4. Click on the field to choose a trigger

5. For example, you can select "New WPL User"

6. Click on the "Continue"

7. Click on the "Sign in to WPL"

8. Enter your website (ie.

9. Enter your token

10. Click on the "Yes, Continue"

11. Check this field and select one

12. Click on the "Continue"

13. Check this trigger configuration

14. Select "Regular Users" for the "User Type" field (Regular Users means the subscribers)

15. Click on the "Continue"

16. Click on "Skip Test" or "Test & Continue"

This will complete the process for the first app

If you click on the "Test & Review" you will need to select record from WPL:

After finishing this step, you will see this:

You can click on it and edit the 2nd app.

Configuring the second app:

1. Search for your 2nd app

2. Select the app

If you mistakenly removed the 2nd app, you will see the page like this:

You can click on the "+" button and add a new app to your Zap:

When you add the 2nd app using the "+" button you will see:

1. Search for your 2nd app

2. Select the app

In both method, you will need to search for your 2nd app and then you will need to select it.

3. Select a trigger (ie. Send Email)
4. Click on the "Continue"

5. Click and sign in to your 2nd app

6. Click on the "Continue"

7. Click to fill the field (You can type any emails or search for a dynamic field. Also you can mix them.)

8. Search for a dynamic value

For example, you can find the "Main Email" field from WPL.

When you select the "Main Email" it will be like this:

9. Click to fill the field

10. Search for a dynamic field

11. Select the field

12. Click to fill the field

13. Search for a dynamic field

14. Select the field

You can put a space between those 2 value:

15. You can enter a static value

16. Click on the field

17. You can select Plain/Html (we prefer using pain)

18. Fill the "Body" using static and dynamic values

19. Click on the "Continue"

20. Click on the "Skip Test" or "Test & Continue"

21. Turn your new Zap on

You can also remove the apps using "...":

Here is an invitation link to WPL link

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