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How to create float search widget with Avada theme and WPL?
Posted by Tonya N. on 24 October 2019 08:22 AM
To make the Search like on the Home page of the Avada Theme + WPL demo website, do the next steps:

1. Go to WordPress backend > Appearance > Widgets.
2. Add WPL Search widget to "WPL Hidden"  position.
3. Then add fields by drag and drop like in this article.
4. Save it and grab the short-code of the search widget.
5. Go to WordPress backend > Fusion Slider > Add or Edit Sliders.
6. Create a new slider with width 100% and height 650px.
7. Go to WordPress backend > Fusion Slider > Add or Edit Slides.
8. Create a new Slide with settings:
   - Background Type - "Image";
   - Content Alignment - "Center";
   - Heading Area - put the search widget shortcode (step 4) here;
   - Featured Image - Upload your image.
9. Now you will need to edit your home page. Please find "Fusion Page Options" section at the very bottom of the page and set the slider, that you created above.

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