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How to fix translation issue after upgrading to WPL4.4.0?
Posted by Howard R. on 13 February 2019 03:09 PM
To be fully compatible with WordPress translation project we did some changes on WPL text domain and strings since 4.4.0
If you have a multi-lingual website and you translated the language files yourself you may face some issues after upgrading to latest version of WPL but it's simply fix-able.

What you need to do is to copy existing language files into the /wp-content/languages/ directory and rename them from wpl-[locale].mo to real-estate-listing-realtyna-wpl-[locale].mo
Here are some examples:

Copy /wp-content/languages/real-estate-listing-realtyna-wpl/ to /wp-content/languages/
Copy /wp-content/languages/real-estate-listing-realtyna-wpl-pro/ to /wp-content/languages/

You can keep the existing language files and also you can copy .po files in addition to .mo files. You just need to rename them.
After copying the files everything should work as before. To copy the files you can use any FTP client or use File Manager tool in your website cPanel.
If you're using PRO version of WPL, you don't need to add -pro to the language files anymore.

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