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Instruction - WPL Facebook add-on app
Posted by on 13 November 2018 09:53 AM


Download WPL Facebook from your billing account. How to download products from billing?
Install Add-on through WPL dashboard > Purchased add-on. Then Facebook feature going to appear under the WPL menu.

In the facebook add-on dashboard. In order to create a listing catalog you need get the below information.

Catalog Name
Access Token
Business ID
App ID
App Secret

Facebook addon dashboard

In the following, we will explain how to get these credential.
Firstly, make sure you have account on and

Application Setup

  1. Create a new application if needed with Business type.
    Add new App
  2. Fill the form and select a business manager account.
  3. Setup Marketing API.
  4. Go to and select your business if not selected.
  5. Click Users -> System Users and then Add button.
  6. Insert your desired name and select Admin as user role and create the user.
  7. Click the Add Assets button.
  8. Select your Facebook App and enable the permissions and then save changes.
  9. Click the Generate New Token button.
  10. Select your app and enable all possible permissions and then save the form.
  11. Copy the Access Token.


  1. Go to and select your App.
  2. Navigate to Settings -> Basic. You can see App ID and App Secret here.
  3. Go to and select your business.
  4. Click Settings and then Business Account Info. Your Business ID is here.
  5. The Access Token is what you generated and copied in step 11 above. You can debug your access token in page to make sure it works fine.


So far you have got all necessary information successfully. In the next step click on "Next" button to go your Facebook add-on dashboard:
App dash
If you go to WPL > Listing Manager you will find "Publish on Facebook" In each properties. By click on this button you can add a property to Facebook add-on > Sync section and then you can Sync properties

Ads on Facebook

  1. Go to and select your business if not selected.
  2. Click Data Sources -> Catalogs.

  3. Then select your catalog and click Open in Commerce Manager button.
  4. Click Catalog -> Items menu and then you can see the listings on the right.

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