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Posted by Howard R. on 27 February 2018 06:03 AM
Sometime you couldn't see the fresh version of your website due to a cache issue on your browser or on your server. You can remove the cache using these following solutions:

1- Open the page and try a force refresh (Normally Ctrl+F5 or Ctrl+R).
2- Open the page in a private window. Private windows doesn't keep any cache.

If above options didn't helped then maybe the cache issue is related to your WordPress.

3- Check the backend of your WordPress website and clear the cache if you installed any third party cache plugin. You can disable it temporarily as well.
4- You can remove the WPL cache as well if the issue is related to WPL data. For example you changed the currency of a property and it's still showing previous currency on the frontend. Or you changed Property Page Title pattern and you're still seeing the previous page title.

If all above items didn't helped you at all, then the cache issue might be related to your server, in this case, you should clear the cache on the cache technology that you used on your server or disable the cache completely. If you're not a server guy then you should contact to your host provider or your server manager.

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