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WPL couldn't convert the property address to latitude and longitude! What should I do?
Posted by on 26 February 2018 09:32 AM
WPL tries to automatically convert the property addresses to geo point (latitude and longitude). If it's not converting the addresses to geo point let's try the following items to fix it.

1- WPL uses Google geocoding API so please make sure that you enabled this API in the google developer console website. You can check following images for a help.

2- Sometimes having 2 or more Google API in the website creates this problem so you should disable other third party plugins that may include a new Google API to the page because it may override the WPL library.
3- Sometimes you should purchase a paid plan from Google if your website traffic is high because Google has some daily limitation for the free APIs and it doesn't respond after a certain amount of usage.

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