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How to add new data fields for Agents?
Posted by on 17 September 2017 03:48 AM

You can add your desired fields to profile of agents in WPL using WPL->Flex->User menu. In this guide, we're going to add a new URL field for holding Facebook Page of the agents.

1- Open the WPL->Flex->User menu.

2- Select "URL" as field type and then click "Add" button. You can select other field types based on your need.

3- Fill the data field form and save the new field.

4- New field is created, now you can move it to your desired position. Also you can edit it whenever you like.

5- New field is added under profile page of agent. It also will show on frontend profile if you're using WPL Membership addon or a frontend profile menu.

Also data of new field will show on "Agent Info" activities of WPL on frontend. Including agent info on PDF flyer, Property Details page and Profile Details page of agents.

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