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How to add and manage tags?
Posted by on 02 September 2017 05:43 PM

In the WPL by default, there are 5 tags. You cannot remove them from the backend of WPL. But you can Edit the title or you can disable/Enable and make them Show/Hide for the certain section.

The tags are placed in this path: WPL> Flex > Specialties.


By clicking on "Edit" icon you can manage the tag. 

1- Ability to rename the title tag.

2- Ability to active to search by the text search.

3- Ability to show/Hide on the single listing page

4- Ability to Show/Hide in the search widget options

5- Ability to show/Hide on the PDF flyer.

6- Ability to apply the changes in WPL network. (Franchise addon needed)

7- Ability to show/Hide in the comparable properties.

8- Ability to assign to certain listing type or property type or certain fields.

- In order to use below features the Tags Add-on must be installed:

9- Ability to assign to a certain category.

10- Ability to Show/Hide the ribbons.

11- Ability to show/Hide in the WPL tag widgets.

12- Ability to change the background color of ribbon.

13- Ability to change the text color of ribbon.


If you did all the settings and you cannot see the tags in the front-end listing. You need to check in the WPL > Activity Manager> Listing gallery in the "wpl_property_lisitngs_image" position to find if the tag is enable or not. Please refer to this KB article to find more: How to show/hide property tags


Also we have WPL tag add-on includes some more fearture. Please click on this link to find more about it . WPL Tag Add-on

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