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How to speed up property details page?
Posted by on 17 August 2017 03:31 AM

If you're going to speed up property details page on your website more, please check the following items.

1- Speed of property details page highly depends to number of images that you added for a listing. Some clients have 30 - 80 images for a listing. We suggest you to remove the duplicated, low quality or useless images from the property. Having less images can reduce the page load up to 3 seconds.

2- Make sure that you enabled new WPL Cronjob system. You can find more explanation about this system here:

3- Disable the WPL activities that you don't need. For example disable the bingmap or mortgage calculator if you don't need them. You can find some guides about managing the activities here:

4- Install a WordPress cache plugin and configure it correctly.

5- Read WordPress Optimization article completely and do the items.

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