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How to enable new WPL Cronjob system?
Posted by Howard R. on 18 February 2019 07:56 AM

Since WPL3.5.1 we have added a new system for running WPL Cron-jobs.

WPL has some tasks (jobs) that should be run regularly. By default we will run them on the background when someone visits details page of one property on your website. So it large scale websites it may create a delay in loading the property details page. If you want to speed up the property details page, then we suggest you to use the new WPL cronjob system.

Please check WPL -> Settings -> WPL Continues Jobs, you will see a full details description there. but if you don't know how to add the cronjob, then please read the rest of this article.

Adding the cronjob from server

If you have access to server root and you're a server expert, then you can simply add this command into your server crontab file:

*/5 * * * * wget

Adding the cronjob from cPanel

If your website have a cPanel, then you can login to your website cPanel and go to cronjob menu and use that wizard for setting the cronjob. You should insert wget into the command field. It should run every 5 minutes.

Please note that you should change the to your website domain and path. Also please make sure that the cPanel cronjob is working fine. It's mandatory otherwise your website may face some problems. You can see the latest run time of cPanel cronjob in "WPL Continues Jobs" section of WPL -> Settings menu.

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