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How to use WPL WPBakery Page Builder Elements?
Posted by on 07 May 2019 09:44 AM

Since WPL3.5.0 you can use WPL Elements in WPBakery (a famous Page Builder plugin). It doesn't matter if you're Basic user or Pro user, this feature is included for both of users.

WPL WPBakery Elements are available in addition to other WPBakery elements. You can try to add a new element and then click on WPL tab to see all WPL elements.

Note: You're still able to insert WPL Shortcodes inside of a simple text element.

Please check following figures:

WPL Elements

Property Listing Element Options

As you can see there are many WPL elements defined for WPBakery and you can place as many elements as you like to your page but please note that you should only place one WPL shortcode inside of the page. By WPL shortcodes, we mean Property Listing, Profile Listing, Property Show, Profile Show etc.

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