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How to fix lowercase issue in property description
Posted by on 23 January 2017 03:07 AM

This issue appeared in version 3.2.0 and it will be fixed in the next version of plugin.

In order to fix this issue in the version 3.2.0 you need to insert next code into your site:

[itemprop=”description”],[itemprop=”description”] p
text-transform: initial;

 There are several ways where you can insert this code:

  1. If you use WPL Pro plugin version you can insert code in UI Customizer. To find UI Customizer you need to go to Wordpress dashboard and then follow the path WPL -> Settings -> UI Customizer, section Custom styles.
  2. If you use official Realtyna template Theme28 you need to go to Wordpress dashboard and in left menu you need to go to WPL28 Settings -> Custom CSS.
  3. If you use WPL Basic version UI Customizer is not available. In this case, you can insert code in the appropriate location of your theme if your theme support it.
  4. You can use any plugin from Wordpress plugin registry that supports custom css codes.

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