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How do I add a Search Widget and search options?
Posted by on 25 April 2022 10:29 AM

You can find WPL Search Widget by following the path: WordPress Backend > Appearance > Widgets > (WPL) Search 

You need to Add The search widget Into " Property Listing Top" position, In this position you will have the search widget on top of the all  property listing page.


Open the Search widget and click on " View Fields" Button to add the Search option:



In the opened Window you can add the search options by drag in the field area:


Then, Close the window and Click on " Save" button, Now You have a search widget on the top of the property listing:




 Please check This article about you want to see, how to add/remove a search field to/from the search widget in WPL.

 You may also watch a video about the Search Widget here.

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