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How to create a blog in Wordpress when using Theme #28?
Posted by on 12 December 2016 03:28 AM

You’ll first need to create a page on your site to host your blog. From your dashboard, navigate to Pages --> Add New.

Add a title for your page. You can call it “blog,” or give it another name.

 On the right hand side you will see several options for page attributes. 


If you want your blog to appear under another page in your site’s navigation panel, select that page as a parent.

 If you want your blog to appear as an independent page in your site’s navigation panel, select “(no parent)”.

 Under “Template”, select “default template” to keep your blog page consistent with the rest of your site.

 Insert a number in the “Order” field to determine where on the navigation panel your blog will appear. The higher the number, the further to the right it will appear.  Click update to activate your page.

 Now you will need to enable your newly created page to accept new posts.

 From your dashboard, navigate to Settings --> Reading.

 Under “Front page displays”, select “A static page,” then under “Posts page,” select the page you’ve just created.




You may also set the number of posts that will appear on the page at any one time. The fields “Syndication feeds show the most recent” and “For each article in a feed show” allow you to customize RSS and other feeds.

 You may also limit the visibility of your blog, if you don’t want your posts to appear in Google and other search engines. 

 To add a new post to your blog, navigate to "Posts" on your dashboard and select “add new.”


On this page, you can title your post, set the format, and add categories and tags.  Any post you publish will automatically appear on your blog page.




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