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Why listing images don't show on front-end of website?
Posted by on 27 September 2016 01:21 AM

If you uploaded the images on backend Add/Edit Listing menu and they are shown just fine on this menu but they're not shown on the frontend, then please check the followings:

1- Make sure the gallery activities are enabled.

Navigate to WPL->Activity Manager and search for "gallery" term and then make sure the activities are enabled.

2- Make sure the images are enabled.

WPL has a feature for disabling listing images. The images are enabled by default but sometimes our clients disable them by mistake. Please edit your desired listing and navigate to Gallery section and make sure a tick icon is showing in the right section of image box. If it's cross icon, then click it to change to tick icon.

Note: Media Confirm feature is disabled by default so you don't see tick icon unless you enable the Media Confirm first from the WPL->Settings menu.

3- Make sure that gallery activity is accessible by all users.

WPL activities has a feature for managing display access. You should make sure that gallery activity accesses and Page Associations are set correctly.

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