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How to add Virtual tour to the Property show page
Posted by on 02 September 2016 03:10 AM

If you wish to add a virtual tour to your single property page, you can do it very easily.

When editing a property in the WPL > Listing Manager, you would need to go to the "Video" section. Here you can add your virtual tour. Enter a name for the title and fill in the "Video description" if needed. In the "Video embed code", add the code of your tour. 


After editing, do not forget to finalize your changes by clicking the blue 'Finalize' button at the top.

Depending on the layer of the virtual tour, it can be displayed in different ways.

Default layout:



After this, the virtual tour will appear in the matching entry page. If it is still not showing there, You need to check the "listing_video" activity to make sure it is enabled. For this purpose please go to WPL -> Activity manager -> Check "listing_video" activity to be in the list and be activated. You can edit this activity and change the size of virtual tour.


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