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How to setup mail forwarders at the cPanel
Posted by on 26 August 2016 08:24 AM

With setup mail forwarders you can forward incoming emails to your host to another account (Like Gmail, etc.)


1. Please login into your cPanel, and open the "Forwarders".


2. To setup a new forwarder choose the "Add Forwarder".


3. In this page,

Please enter your email's username at the "Address to forward" section,
e.g. for just enter "foo"

Also If you have set multiple domain to your current host,
you may choose a specific domain (the "" part of above example) as well.

Then please enter the email address which you like to forward to, in the "Forward to email address" section.

Finally just select the "Add Forwarder".


Well done!

You may access email sent and receive logs at the Main page of cPanel -> Track delivery page.

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