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I inserted the API key but still Google Maps don't work!
Posted by Howard R. on 06 September 2022 08:27 AM

Please do the followings if you see the Google map error even after inserting Google API key:

1- Make sure your WPL is updated at-least to versionĀ 4.12.1

2- Make sure you inserted the API key correctly.

3- Make sure your website domain is inserted in authorized domains of API key. Each API key is valid for authorized domains based on Google policy.

4- Make sure you generated "Google Maps JavaScript API" key not Android, iOS, etc. key.

5- If you still see the error, please open your browser developer console. in Windows OS you can simply open it by pressing F12 key. If you don't see Google map error, please refresh your page once while the browser console is open. You should see an error similar to below one in your browser console:

Google Maps API error: InvalidKeyMapError

Then search the error on this page: and read the description column and follow Google instructions for fixing this error.

BTW, We want to make it clear that this error is not related to Realtyna products, It's new policy of Google for providing service to websites/applications.

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