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WPL Theme 28 Configuration Tips
Posted by Amy Edler on 22 November 2018 11:09 AM

The installation and configuration service is a part of our commitment to client satisfaction. We recommended that all clients use our service rather than trying to arrange the installation on their end. However, for those clients that would like to install and configure the WPL Theme 28, please read our support articles and manuals.

In this KB article, we will provide some tips to configure WPLTheme28 inside the WPL PRO Plugin. With the following tips, you are able to configure your Theme the same as our demo site:

Most Items in the Home page are WPL Widgets same as (Carousel, Search, Featured Properties, New Featured, Featured Agent, Our Partner , About us, Useful Links and Get in touch with us)

 You can find WordPress Widgets by following this path:

WordPress Back-end > Appearance > Widgets

 1- Carousel:

 This slider is a  (WPL) Carousel Widget  that should place into "Carousel"  position.


2- Search:

This is (WPL) Search Widget that should place into "Property Listing Top" position.


More options:



3- Featured Properties:

 This slider is a (WPL) Carousel Widget  that should be placed into "Top Footer Rows" position.

 The layout of this widget is different. You need to set the layout to "Multi Images".

 And the image size should 360x230 for normal view.


4- New Featured:

 This section is a Text Widget that includes HTML code that should place into "Top Footer Rows" position.

 (Please visit the HTML code in the .txt file that attached)


5- Featured Agent:

This is a (WPL) Agents Widgets that should place into "Top Footer Rows" position.

Featured agents

6- Our Partner:

This is a Text Widget that includes HTML codes.

You can have your desired images in this section by upload images into directory and replace the images directory link in this  widget.

Our partner

7- About us:

"About us" is Text Widget  that can include about your business and should place into "Top Footer" position.

8- Useful Links:

This a  Custom Menu Widget  that should place into "Top Footer"position.

First,  you need to create a menu the same as the usual menu in WordPress and do not assign it to any position, and then select this menu for the Custom Menu Widget


9-  Get in touch with us:

This is a Text Widget than can include HTML code and should place into "Top Footer" position.

Top footer

10- Property Listing:

The Property Listing is not a widget. It should be added by generating WPL Short-Codes into the pages. Visit here the following link to learn how to generate WPL Short-codes:

  How to Generate WPL short-code


11- Favorites menu:

This is a (WPL) Favorites Widget into "Left Slide" position. 

         Favorite and compare


 12- Activity Manager

And In following We will talk about how to use of WPL 28 Settings:

After installing Theme28, WPL 28 Settings Menu is activated in the WordPress back-end. In this menu you will find all settings related to Template skin change that includes below options:

    General Option, Layout Option, Font Option, Color Option, Header Option, Footer Option, Social media option, Flex Slider, Short Codes, Custom Css.

    WPL Theme 28 setting

 In this section, you are able to upload your logo, change the color skin, change the Property listing Layout, input your desired CSS style code, etc.

 There are a few items that should adjust from the WPL activity Manager:

You can find WPL activity Manager by following this path:

WordPress back-end >WPL > Activity Manager:

Activity Manger

On the Property details page (Pshow page) you need to do some setting:

1- listing_gallery(pshow_gallery): Set the Layout to (Pshow-Modern) to visit same as the Demo site,

2- listing_links(pshow_position2): To add some buttons same as social media button, PDF generator, Send to Friend,Report Abuse,Request a Visit

3-  Agent info in " Pshow-position2"

4- Contact Agent in " Pshow-position2"

5- Energy Tag:

6- Walkscore:

Pshow page

7-  "Contact"  in the " profile_show_position1": this form will display in the Agent profile listing:


Please visit WPL Manual by click here: WPL Manual .

Please find the necessary HTML code for configuring widgets in the attachment.

 WPLThem28-HTML-Tips.txt (3.52 KB)

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