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How to assign a property to multiple listing types?
Posted by on 17 September 2017 07:14 AM

Unfortunately it is not possible to assign a certain property into multiple listing types.  If you want to assign a property to "for sale" and "for rent" listing types, we can suggest you to do the following:

Method 1

Create a new listing type and name it “For sale/For rent”. Then create a new price field in Flex and name it “Rent Price” . Then edit your desired property and assign it to the new listing type that you created and insert the sale price into normal price field of WPL. Then insert the rent price into the new field that you created.

This way both of sale and rent price will show on property details page.

Method 2

Why you don't add two listings for one property? It's very logical if you add two different listing for same property. One For Sale and another one For Rent.

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Comments (2)
David Martos
12 November 2016 01:21 PM
When you create the new listing type you have to entered the next information:
- Name: For Sale / For Rent
- Category: Sale, Rent, Vacational. Which have I need to select?
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Although a different type is created, this one is subject to choose one already created, does not allow to add new independent listing types
Melanie M.
20 November 2016 04:40 AM
Please check following article about how to add new categories for listing types and property types:
By adding a new category, you can add new independent listing types.