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How to optimize your WordPress site?
Posted by Howard R. on 13 July 2017 04:17 AM

There are many factors that you should consider for speeding up your website.

Host/Server side

1- Don't use shared hosts if fast speed is very important for you. A dedicated server, VPS or Cloud host (Based on your budget) can be good choices for speeding up your website.

2- Services on your host/server should be well configured. For example, wrong configuration for MySQL may create some low speed issue for your website.

3- High RAM and High CPU are 2 important items that can create a fast website for you so if upgrading your server for having higher resources is a good idea for speeding up your website.

4- Use some server side caching technologies such as Varnish. Correct configuration for Varnish is very important, otherwise, it can create some serious problems for your website.

Domain side

1- Check DNS lookup time of your website. Sometimes it takes about 1 second!! Which is very high. If it takes a long time, you should check your domain DNS configurations.

WordPress side

1- Your WordPress theme is an extremely important item, so you should use an optimized theme for your website. Sometimes switching to a light theme can speed up your website 50% more!

2- Don't install many plugins on your WordPress website. Unfortunately, WordPress is not an MVC CMS so installing many plugins on your website will create some conflicts between plugins and will reduce your website speed. You should remove the plugins that you don't need and try to run your website using less plugins.

3- Install a cache plugin on your WordPress. WP Super Cache plugin is a good idea.

4- Don't install plugins that don't have good customer review ratings. They may have some speed issues. Also, don't install the plugins that are have not been recently updated.

5- Disable useless features of theme and plugins. Your theme or plugins that you installed may have many options. You should only enable those that you need. By disabling useless features, your website load time decreases.

6- Optimize images that upload into your website. This is very important because most of the time draining resources on current websites are images. You can optimize the images on your device (or using some online tools) before uploading them to your website.

7- Don't overdose your website by videos and images!

8- Enable gzip compression and leverage browser caching on your website.

WPL side

1- Make sure WPL cache feature on WPL->Settings->Global is enabled.

2- Navigate to WPL->Activity Manager and edit the `listing_gallery` activity that calls on `wpl_property_listing_image` position and set its layout to simple instead of default. Simple layout loads only featured image for each listing in the property listing.

3- If you're using WPL Carousel widget inside of home page, it's recommended that you don't set carousel limit to more than 8 listings.

4- Disable WPL Log which is located in WPL->Settings->Global.

5- Enable cPanel cronjob for WPL.

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