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Sample files for WPL Importer addon.
Posted by on 22 December 2015 08:30 AM

WPL Importer addon is able to import various type of XML and CSV feeds. You can find some samples on attachment. in %90 of cases you don't need any customization for importing XML/CSV files but in some cases, we have to customize WPL Importer addon to work with you CSV/XML file and this customization will be paid.

CSV (Comma Separated Values) file should be separated by comma not semi-colons. Also if a column has comma in its value it should enclosed by " characters.

Also only one integration will be done by Realtyna and Realtyna is responsible for one XML/CSV integration so if you want to integrate more than one feed into your WPL, you should do it yourself or purchase a new integration service from Realtyna.

 trulia_xml.xml (77.23 KB)
 zillow_xml.xml (63.85 KB)
 sample-csv.csv (1.23 KB)

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