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How to adjust property URL/Alias/Permalink?
Posted by on 21 September 2015 01:52 AM

Each listing/property has an alias/permalink/URL in the WPL. Lets say this is one of your listings page: in this example, alias is "Villa-Manhattan-New-York-New-York-United-States-3Bedrooms-1Bathroom-EUR1105".

You can simply change the structure of property alias/permalink in the WPL->Settings->SEO-> Listing Link Pattern. Default pattern is "[property_type][glue][listing][glue][location][glue][rooms][glue][bedrooms][glue][bathrooms][glue][price]" (without commas) but you can remove elements or add any element that you like into it.

For example if you want to include a new field into the address you should insert column name of the field in [wp_prefix]_wpl_properties table so if the column name of your field is field_3005 you should insert [field_3005] into the pattern. Also you can insert this parameters into the pattern:

[location]: It will insert location text of the property into the link.

[location1_name], [location2_name], [location3_name], [location4_name], [location5_name], [zip_name]: These parameters insert location names into the link.

[mls_id]: It will insert Listing ID of property into the link.

Note: If you changed the pattern, you should remove listings cached data from WPL->Settings->Maintenance section.

Note: You won't have broken links after changing Listing link pattern and old links will 301 redirect to new links.

Comments (2)
Jeff Livingston
21 May 2019 06:42 PM
Is it possible to remove the ID number from the beginning of the URL?

In your example, this would be the "27133".
29 May 2019 12:43 PM
Hi Jeff, the property ID number is a static field, so it cannot be changed. If you have any other questions that support can help with, feel free to open a ticket so we can assist you.