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I don't receive contact notifications. What should I do?
Posted by Howard R. on 09 June 2023 11:09 AM

WPL sends the contact form email to the WordPress email of the agent, not the main email or secondary email of the agent.

1- If you didn't receive any notification, the first reason is you might check the wrong email. Please check the WordPress email of the agent. By the WordPress email of an agent, we mean the email that the agent is registered on your website. You can find that email in WP Backend->Users menu.

2- Check the Spam/Junk folder of the correct email.

3- Make sure that you didn't disable WPL notifications for certain user. Please check this KB article for more info:

4- WPL used the wp_mail function of WordPress for sending emails. Please make sure that some third-party plugins don't destroy this function functionality on your website.

5- Sometimes, WordPress is not able to send any email due to the wrong configuration on the Mail server. Please check it with your host provider to make sure the mail server is configured correctly.

Comments (2)
20 January 2017 05:36 AM
What do your mean contact form email to WordPress email of agent?
How to assign 2 emails account for notifications?
What if I want to send to the main email and the secondary email of agent?
21 January 2017 07:00 AM
1. It means the contact form will send to agent's email that is saved for WordPress user.
Actually, when the users register on your WordPress website, they register in the WordPress user system first, and then save in WPL system user, and the main email of that user is the WordPress user email.
2. You can assign some static emails for a particular notification through: WPL backend -> Notification system -> Click on the Edit button of the desired Notification, and in the advanced tab, you can set the Email, Membership Group/Users.
3. In the WPL has defined to send to the main agent email, and the secondary email is for showing in their Agent/User info on the website.