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How to translate dynamic strings/keywords?
Posted by Howard R. on 28 January 2022 04:00 PM

You may add new Listing Types or Property Types or Fields or new location names such as new countries, provinces etc in your WPL. Therefore you need to translate them as well if you have a multilingual website. WPL PRO has a feature for generating dynamic strings in a single PHP file located in /path/to/plugin/languages/keywords.php

For generating dynamic strings go to WPL->Settings->Languages and click on "Generate WPL dynamic strings for using in translation plugins like WPML" button.

Then use one of following approaches:

1- Rescan WPL strings using "WPML String Translation" plugin if you're using WPML plugin.

2- Add /path/to/plugin/languages/keywords.php keywords into your .po file (using some tools like this) and translate dynamic strings and then upload new .mo file in language directory.

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