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How to add/remove a search field to/from the search widget in WPL? ( New feature to add fields out of more option section )
Posted by on 09 February 2015 07:31 AM

In our new WPL release we have added a new feature to the search widget that enables you to easily add fields in or out of the hidden section option.  Please see below for the description:

  1. Go to Appearance->Widgets and click on "View Fields":
    1. Add a separator to the active search fields by draging and dropping it (section #1 in screenshot).
    2. Change the order of the separator field to the upper place (section #2) until you have entered the last field that you want to show by default  Fields which are upper separator fields (section #3 in screenshot) will be visible by default and other fields which are under separator order field (section #4 in screenshot) will be in the more option field.
    3. You can always add more fields and change the order and to set its place in order so that it is in the more option field (hidden by default) or in the always visible field.  Follow these steps below:

WPL search widget edit


  • If you add more than one separator field, only the first separator will be used for splitting the visible and the hidden ares. The  other separators will act like regular separators.
  • If you move a separator field in the top place in the order list, it will be ignored and next separator will be used as mentioned earlier.

For Removing Fields, you can move the fields or remove them completely by clicking on "X" icon.


Also you may watch a video about the Search Widget here.

 wpl_edit_search_widget.png (134.55 KB)

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