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How to set multiple location text search on WPL page?
Posted by on 29 December 2014 03:57 AM

WPL has feature to set location text search with multiple locations text.

You can set this in WPL Shortcode with "sf_multiplelocationtextsearch" parameter by using colon(:) as separator between multiiple location texts.

For example, you can use below shortcode in your page.

[WPL kind="0" tpl="default" sf_unit_price="260" sf_multiplelocationtextsearch="locationtext1:locationtext2:locationtext3" limit="12" wplorderby="p.mls_id+0" wplorder="DESC"]



Comments (4)
Robert IT Man
08 February 2019 06:18 PM
correct me if I'm wrong but this ':' looks to work as an OR so if the listing has either locationtext1:locationtext2 it will list anything in either location... would be nice to also have an option for AND so locationtext1&locationtext2 to it needs to be in both - suggest using PHP style || for OR and && for AND. We can;t use this as we need something in City:Province so this won't work for us.
12 February 2019 09:23 AM
Hi Robert! According to our support team, "And" is not supported in multiple locationtext, but you can use other parameters to get desired results

Here is an example for city AND state:

sf_select_location4_name = "City" sf_select_location2_name = "State"

these parameters will return listings of city and state

I hope that will help you out!
Halim Ivan
13 May 2019 02:38 AM
I made a category of country, state, city and area. If I write "Kelapa Gading" in the area then when I search for the keyword "Kelapa Gading" the result is "Zero" but if I search for the keywords "Kelapa" or "Gading" then the list will appear. What's wrong....
16 May 2019 01:06 PM
Hi Halim! It doesn't seem that multiple location is the issue here. It will be best for you to open a ticket and have the support team assist you.