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How to manage property listing style switcher (List/Grid option)
Posted by Howard R. on 03 December 2014 07:43 AM

Since WPL 2.0.0, we added a style switcher to the property listing view of WPL so visitors can switch between list and grid styles.

The default value of the style switcher is "Grid" but you can change it by placing a key "value" text into the WPL shortcode. For selecting List style as default, you need to place this text wplpcc="row_box" and for selecting grid style as default, place this text wplpcc="grid_box" into the WPL shortcode.

For example: [WPL kind="0" tpl="default" wplpcc="row_box"]

If you want to disable the switcher you can place this text into the shortcode: wplpcc_switcher="0"

For example: [WPL kind="0" tpl="default" wplpcc="row_box" wplpcc_switcher="0"]

Comments (2)
Joseph Du Bois
10 September 2015 10:21 AM
Thanks for this valuable piece of information. Could you guide me as to how I get this into the shortcode please?
Melanie M.
27 November 2016 04:52 AM
You may just edit the page which contains the shortcode (Admin -> Pages/Posts -> View All) switch to the code mode of the editor and apply the changes to the shortcode.