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How to insert sample properties into WPL PRO
Posted by on 19 October 2014 02:16 PM

There are two ways to add sample properties in WPL: Simple and Advanced.

The Simple way is to use the integrated feature that is available under WPL Settings in backend. By clicking on "Add Sample Properties", you will get up to 6 random properties added to your WPL:

The Advanced way is to use the WPL add-on that is built for inserting dummy data (Sample Properties). You can download it from this link:

After downloading, you can install it on your WPL PRO using the add-on installer form on the WPL dashboard. After installing, you will see a new menu under "Listing Manager" named "Sample Data". By clicking on this menu, you will see the screenshot below:

Using this menu, you can insert sample listings into the WPL.

Note: This add-on uses 12 high quality images as property images, but you can add your own images if you like by replacing your desired images into this path: /wp-content/plugins/real-estate-listing-realtyna-wpl-pro/views/backend/wpl_sample/images/

Comments (2)
Kim Ammouche
30 October 2015 06:21 PM
Anyone got this working?

I've tried uploading the using this "Install Addons" feature several times. But it always fail with the "An error occurred uploading your file!" error. I have no error in my error log. And I have no problems adding/uploading addons or themes in this WP so wrong file permissions is not the cause of this. I've also used the "wpl-host-checker.php" and nothing wrong with my setup.

What could be wrong?
Melanie M.
27 November 2016 04:56 AM
Possibly some directories don't have the write permission.
Please follow Admin -> WPL -> Settings and in the end of the page, check the “Server Requirements” section.
Your setup should meet all the requirements including:
- “upload dir” should be “writable” (wp-content/uploads should be writable by group)
- “tmp directory” should be “writable” and “Write permission” should be “Yes”
(wp-content/plugins/real-estate-listing-realtyna-wpl should be writable by group)

Make sure you will resolve above issues and try again later.
If you still got the error, Please open a ticket and lets our technical staffs evaluate the issue.