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How do I use the Notification Manager in WPL?
Posted by on 07 August 2014 01:52 AM

WPL 1.7.0, Notification Manager has been released as well as the "favorites widget" for PRO members and the "contact agent" activity for both PRO and basic versions.

You can access the Notification Manager by going to WPL->Notifications:

As shown in the screenshot above, you can see all notifications here for managing. By clicking on the subject of notification, you're be able to edit the notification details. Please see next screenshot:

You can edit the subject and the content of the email in the basic tab. For content, you can use any HTML element that you want, but you cannot add WordPress shortcodes here. If you want to use the text editor, do not change the HTML structure of the placeholder images at all.

In the advanced tab, you can include more recipients to the notification:

By including a membership (for PRO members) all the users that are assigned to that membership will receive the notification. You can include WPL users/agents to the notification as well. There is a feature for including emails to the notification and you can use this feature to send a copy of the notification to a custom email.

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