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Developers -- How to create new layouts for WPL widgets?
Posted by on 22 July 2014 05:30 AM

To create a new layout for WPL widgets, copy and paste one of the existing layouts and rename it a custom name. For example: if you want to create a new layout for the Carousel widget, create a new file in this path: /wp-content/plugins/real-estate-listing-realtyna-wpl-pro/widgets/carousel/tmpl/custom_my_layout.php

Then in the Carousel widget options you can select the new layout:

Then you can open this layout and apply your changes. You can also override this layout in your theme.

Note: Always select a custom name for your added layouts. If you name your layout to a general name like gallery.php it will be overriden in future if we add a new layout with same name to WPL core.

Note: Don't do this method when you're using WPL Basic because your custom file will remove in next update of WPL basic. You shouldn't put any custom file inside of a WordPress plugin generally because of update scenario of WordPress.

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