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How do I add/remove location levels to WPL?
Posted by Howard R. on 25 April 2022 09:55 AM

To add new location levels, insert the location name into the location settings. The location settings is accessible from WPL->Locations->Gear icon on top.

As you can see, 'Division' level is now added to WPL (also it is added to listing wizard, search widget, profile wizard etc):

To remove a location level, remove the location name in location settings.

Comments (2)
Leandro Aya
10 November 2018 09:16 AM
┬┐How can I place the location1, location2 and location3 type selection but the location4 type text?
14 November 2018 06:08 AM
Leandro, this can be done with a customization project. You will need to open a ticket and discuss it with Support :)