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How do you upgrade WPL basic to WPL PRO?
Posted by on 18 May 2014 01:21 AM

For upgrading from WPL basic to WPL PRO you have 2 options:

- When your WPL basic data/configuration is not important for you.

In this case completely remove WPL basic plugin (using the WordPress delete link in plugin manager) and then install the WPL PRO package. You can download the WPL PRO package from your billing account under the licenses menu.

Note: If you forgot to delete WPL free before installing WPL PRO, do not delete it from the WordPress plugin manager. Instead, connect to the FTP server or cPanel of your website and remove its directory located in /wp-content/plugins/. Please check following screenshot.

- When you don't want to lose WPL Basic data/configurations.

Complete the following steps if you would like to upgrade from WPL basic to WPL PRO and keep your data:

  1. Deactivate WPL basic using the WordPress plugin manager.
  2. Install WPL PRO (Ignore the errors if any)
  3. Connect to your cPanel or FTP server and remove the WPL Basic directory (See screenshot below)
  4. Activate WPL PRO.

Please find screenshot below:

Comments (2)
Ariyo Arinsa Putra
12 July 2019 04:43 AM
i got page not found when installing the wpl pro.
any suggestion?
18 July 2019 12:37 PM
Sorry there was an issue. If you are referring to property listings, try this KB article for help, or open a ticket with support.