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How do you change the style of WPL views, widgets and activities?
Posted by on 18 March 2015 02:54 AM

You can apply your styles on WPL views, widgets and activities in 4 ways.  The first way is the recommended and best way to do so. If you choose to do it one of the other ways, we strongly recommend that before the process, create a back-up from your files.

1. Create a child-theme for your active template and activate it, then add a file called wpl.css in the child theme and import it in the style.css. Then you can add all of your styles in this file.  It is the best and easiest way to manage stylesheet files.

2.  In your active template css folder, create a file called wpl.css and add all of your styles in this file.  Add your template's header in this file as well.

3.  Add your styles to the end of the included stylesheet files of your active template. This method is not advisable.  If the template provider releases a new version of your template and you update it, your customization might be destroyed.

4.  Apply the changes directly on the frontend.css of wpl.  We strongly recommend you to do NOT do this kind of customization.  If you update your wpl, all of your customization will be destroyed and the new file will be replaced with the old one.


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