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How to upload videos for a listing and show them in single property page
Posted by Howard R. on 12 May 2014 03:01 AM

To create a rich robust website with lots of SEO opportunities and many other benefits, WPL has a feature that enables you to add videos to your listing.

Go to WPL Add Listing ( WordPress backend -> WPL -> Add Listing ) then click on "Video" Tab.

Add Video

Click on the video tab in the listing wizard page.  See screenshot below. You can insert unlimited videos for a listing.

NOTE: "Video uploader" must be enabled in WPL settings->Global to use the direct upload feature!  You can turn it off if not required.

NOTE: If you are using the "embed video" feature, make sure you set the width and height of the videos manually. For example, if your video activity's width is 850 pixels you should set the video width to 850 as well to ensure all of the available space is filled. You can use 100% for the width.

Configuring Video Activity

You can find the video activity in the WPL "Activity Manager" menu. Just open the menu and type "video" on filter input. Then edit the activity and make sure the position and status is set correctly. If you are using WPL PRO, please check the page association as well.

The video tab will show on your single property page.  By clicking on its tab you will see the videos. This tab will be hidden if the listing does not have any videos.

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