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Developers - How to override WPL views on a theme
Posted by on 28 April 2014 04:44 AM

WPL uses an amazing structure to override the frontend of your website, activities, widgets and even the views in your Administrative Panel! You can simply put the tmpl files on your theme with a specific structure.  WPL will then include the overridden files instead of the original ones.

WPL view path is [plugin-folder]/views/[section]/[view-name]/tmpl/[tmpl-files]

Please put the tmpl files in your theme with this path structure: /[theme-folder]/wplhtml/[section]/[view-name]/[tmpl-files]

Example -  If you are using the WPL28 theme, the files should be put into these paths:


propertylisting default tmpl --> /wpl_twentyeight/wplhtml/frontend/property_listing/default.php

propertyshow default tmpl --> /wpl_twentyeight/wplhtml/frontend/property_show/default.php

gallery pshow tmpl --> /wpl_twentyeight/wplhtml/activities/listing_gallery/pshow.php

PDF flyer tmpl --> /wpl_twentyeight/wplhtml/basics/features/pdf.php


For overriding the widgets tmpl you would put the tmpl file into this path /wpl_twentyeight/wplhtml/widgets/agents/default.php

Child Theme

The paths are the same if you're using a child theme. For example /wpl_twentyeight-child/wplhtml/frontend/property_listing/default.php

If you didn't put the file on child theme and the file existed on the main theme, WPL imports the file from the main theme.  Otherwise it would include the original file.

Note: There is no need to remove the original files after overriding. You can also modify overridden files without changing the original files.

Note: There is no need to put overridden files inside of /tmpl/ directory.