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How to change user/agent of a listing
Posted by on 21 April 2014 09:33 AM

With the WPL 1.3.0 upgrade, you can now change the listing agents on the listing manager menu. You can also select mass agents. Please see the screenshot below:

If you are the admin of the website and cannot see this option in the listing manager, you should activate the "Change User" access for your user. Please go to "User Manager" and click on the "Edit" icon of your account and activate "Change user".

Comments (2)
19 January 2016 01:12 AM
How can I add new user/agent in WPL..??
Melanie M.
20 October 2016 10:06 AM
To add new users/agents to WPL you need to first add that user to WordPress. Simply go to Users->Add new and add the user. Then go to WPL->User manager and click on the "Tick" icon for adding the user to WPL as an agent.
Please check this: