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How do I create new fields and edit current fields in WPL? How do I use the Flex menu?
Posted by on 06 May 2022 11:53 AM

How to Use the Flex System in WordPress | Realtyna WPL Plugin from realtyna on Vimeo.

WPL uses an amazing Property Structure (Flex) so you can add new fields and edit/enable/disable/delete the current fields. You can also make some fields mandatory, or change the sorting of the fields.

Please see the screenshot below:


For adding new fields into the WPL, you can simply select the field type using the right dropdown menu and select the "Add" button. You will see the following screen.  Simply fill in the form and click the "save" button.

Manage Data Categories

Since WPL3.3.0 you can manage data categories as well. Please check article for more information.

Enjoy WPL Flex!

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