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Bedrooms, rooms and some other fields are not showing up for new listing types or property types
Posted by on 13 April 2014 01:38 AM

Some of the WPL property fields are synced to a specific Listing Type or Property Type such as bedrooms, rooms, price, type etc, so when you add a new Listing Type or Property Type, you must edit the fields in the Flex menu and assign a new Listing Type or Property Type to their synced items.

Let's say 'bedroom' is a Property Type specific field for "apartment" and "villa", and you have recently added a new Property Type for condominiums.  The bedroom field is not showing for the condominium Property Type. In order to show the bedroom field for the condominium Property Type, you would need to edit the bedroom field and assign condominium to the synced items of the bedroom field.

Please check the screenshot below:

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