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What is a target page in WPL and how should it be set?
Posted by on 31 March 2014 03:32 AM

There are 2 different ways to create WPL menus on the frontend.

1) Create menus by using the WPL SEF feature (recommended)

To use this feature, the WordPress permalink settings must not be set to default and the file .htaccess must be available on your WordPress root file. By using this method, WPL will link the pages together automatically. read more ...

Note: If you are using this method, ignore target page options in WPL shortcode wizard and widgets.

2) Create all the menus separately and link the pages together via the target page 

Configuring WPL menus

For using the target page you need to create 4 pages and link them together as shown below:

Main page Target page
Property listing [WPL] Property show [wpl_property_show]
Profile/Agent listing [wpl_profile_listing] Profile/Agent show [wpl_profile_show]
Profile/Agent show [wpl_profile_show] Property show [wpl_property_show]
Property show [wpl_property_show] No target page is required.

Configuring WPL widgets

You should select a Property Show page as a target page for the carousel widget and select a property listing page as a target page for the search widget.


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