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Publishing mobile apps under your account or under Realtyna account?
Posted by on 02 December 2013 03:42 PM

Almost all of the clients who buy Realtyna mobile applications are faced with this question: Should we publish under our account or under the Realtyna account?

Realtyna recommends using your private account for publishing because the advantages of using your account are better than the advantages of using Realtyna accounts. For clients who do not possess computer skills and cannot work with the developer's accounts, there is the option for using out account.

Below is a list of advantages and disadvantages to each of these options.

Advantages to using your account:

  • If you use the Realtyna account, Apple will suggest other applications that we have published on your published page and will show as "Other apps with this developer".  When you publish under your account, no other applications are suggested.
  • If you publish under your account, can change Meta data and images from your application at any time without contacting our team, whereas if you use our account, you need to request the changes from us.
  • If your application is not free or includes any in-app purchase mechanisms, you cannot publish under the Realtyna application.
  • If your application is free and does not include any in-app purchase mechanisms, but you would perhaps want to add these features in the future,  you must publish under your own account as these changes cannot be made under the Realtyna account.
  • You can review the rating, notes, statistics, etc. of your account easily and reply to them with your own account, but when using the Realtyna account, it is only possible for us to do so. 

Advantages to using the Realtyna account:

  • You will not have to worry about the maintenance of the account. Realtyna developers will keep the account up to date and will pay for annual upgrading ensuring you always have an up to date account.
  • If you use your account for the android application, you will need to upload and publish the application yourself. Using the Realtyna account, Realtyna developers automatically publish the application under your account and you will not have to worry about learning how to use the developer console of Google.

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