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Which Items are Customizable in the Realtyna Custom Brand Mobile Application project?
Posted by on 01 December 2013 03:59 PM

One of the most common questions about the Custom Brand Mobile Application is which fields can actually be customized.

This article will address this question in detail to be clear about what can/cannot be customized with this Add-on.

Please notice that this article does not introduce all of the abilities and features of the mobile applications and the below items are just the features and abilities that you can customize based on your business parameters.

When you buy the Custom Brand Mobile App, you are able to download the mobile package and install it on your RPL or WPL. Some of below items should be set by the Realtyna developers team in your mobile installer file (including items #1, 3, and 4 listed below). Therefore, in order to change them, you will need new installer files. The others listed are configurations that you can set from the package. These configurations are changeable at any point, even after publishing the apps and will not require the need to publish new installers.

Here are the items that you can customize under the Custom Branded Mobile Application project:

  1. Adding a server for the application to the specific and read-only server of the application
  2. Syncing the application with your RPL or WPL in a way that loads the configuration of your RPL or WPL. These configurations include listing types, languages, metric units, etc.
  3. Changing the icon of the app to your business icon
  4. Changing the splash image of the application to the splash image that represents your business. (Note: "splash image" is the image that appears when the application is being loaded on the user device)
  5. Changing the logo of the application to your business logo
  6. Changing the scheme color of the application to the color that you prefer (In the Realtyna branded application the scheme color is purple, so in a custom brand application all the purple colors will change to the color that you choose as your scheme color)
  7. Changing the "About" text of the application to the text that describes your business
  8. Changing all texts of the application to the texts that are related to your business
  9. Configuring the "smart location detector" of the application in a way that supports your business area

If you have any requests/questions beyond the list above, please contact the support team for further explanation and advice.

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