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RPL Email Notifications and Settings
Posted by on 14 June 2013 12:40 PM

Features of the RPL E-mail Notification System
RPL has a very flexible and highly customizable e-mail notification system. There are about 10 e-mail notifications in the RPL core and each add-on has its own e-mail notifications. The admin can customize and change the templates of these notifications and enable/disable them. If you would like customized e-mail notifications for different situations, please contact our technical team. 

Admin can:

  1. Choose which email notifications are enabled/disabled in the system
  2. Change the email template, add random banners, etc.
  3. Choose which users receive a forward of email notifications of a certain type.
  4. Set other settings of notifications like how many days before a property expires to inform the agent.

The user can also choose which email notificactions to receive or not receive. By default, e-mail notifications in RPL use simple templates, but they are coded to use HTML format and we have provided an HTML editor so admin can edit these templates in the desired way.


Edit email templates and add/remove information
It's a simple procedure. You just need to go to Email Notifications in the RPL back-end and select the email notification you are willing to edit and an HTML editor shows up with various functions and tools. After you're done with the changes, click on save. Meanwhile please consider the following points:

  1. All the box-with-text-inside images are for you to know where the generated data goes. When a notification is generated and sent, these images are replaced with actual dynamic data like a link to a property or an agent's name.
  2. You can simply move these block images around but try not to delete them since they're not recoverable if you change your mind. In case you don't want that info to be shown in the sent emails, just put them in a hidden style container (like <spam>).
  3. All dynamic info needed in each notification is already added. You just have the proper data and we generally don't suggest hiding any of that. Since we have included all the proper data, there is no option for adding one of these image boxes.


Change the sender title in RPL notification emails
The sender title can be changed in RPL Backend -> Notifications on the top right of the page in front of Sender Title label.


Sent emails not sent from the email in the form
The emails RPL sends are notifications from the RPL system. They are not emails from users and that is why the emails are sent from the configured email in Joomla settings. If a web server sends an email and sets the sender as a user on another domain like, that email will be considered as spam on most of the email servers; therefore it is not possible to do that. After RPL 7.4, reply-to of the sent email will be set as the user's email when a user wants to send the property to his friend and if the receiver clicks on reply, the reply will be sent back to the person who sent it.


Notifications not shown for all users
Notifications are shown in the user profile page in the front end of the site based on the access they have and the access the notification is set for.

For example, "User Signup" and "Property Add" notifications are only for users who have admin access, and "Property Confirmed" is only available for those having propertywizard access.

So if your users don't see some notifications in their profile page, first check their access in RPL and if they are supposed to see these notifications, grant them the proper access.


E-mail Notification Checklist

If you do not receive e-mail notifications from RPL, please check the list below to see where the problem is:

  1. Is the mail notification enabled from backend by admin?
  2. Is RPL cron-job plugin installed and enabled on your Joomla?
  3. Is the e-mail notification enabled from your user settings in the frontend?
  4. If the notification is cron-job type, have you waited the interval to receive the e-mail notification?
  5. If the notification is a saved listing notification, have you set it to send e-mails for any changes?
  6. If the notification is a saved listing notification, has the listing actually changed?
  7. Are the Joomla configurations for the SMTP server set correctly?
  8. Is your SMTP server working correctly?

Not receiving email notifications?
Please check the following in order to find out the problem:

  1. Check the Notification Manager in the RPL back-end and make sure the notification is enabled.
  2. Check notification settings for the user in the front-end profile wizard. Make sure the notification is enabled there too.
  3. In case you are an additional recipient or the email is the type that should be sent to admin (like property add) make sure your user is added to the additional recipients of the notification.
  4. In case the notification is cron-job type, make sure you have waited for as long as the interval requires (it is set in notification manager) and the plugin is enabled and working.
  5. Make sure the mail settings in Joomla configurations are correct. RPL uses the same settings so if you don't receive Joomla emails too, nothing is wrong in RPL.
  6. Make sure your mail server settings are correct. For that, you may contact your server administrator.


Receiving e-mail alerts for new properties
There are two email notifications and you may receive one of them based on your role in the system.

  1. When a property is added to the system an e-mail notification is sent to a selection of users (selected by admin) to inform a property is added to the system. This e-mail notification is called "Property Add". This notification is usually sent to the admins in order to confirm the property (not usually potential customers).
  2. A person who is looking for a property can search in the website and save his search. This means they can perform that search later by just one click. They can also choose to receive e-mail notifications when a new property is added to the system or changes which fall in to his search criteria.

Disable Property Confirmation Notifications
If you are receiving email notifications that a property has been added or confirmed and you would like to disable them, please go through the following steps:

Login to your Joomla administration and go to RPL. Go to the Notifications settings. Under the list of notifications, you will find notifications for Property Add and Property Confirmed. Under the enable column click the green check mark so that it shows the red disabled icon.

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