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Files & Folder Server Permissions: Failure to Upload Images/Attachments
Posted by on 27 October 2012 11:51 AM

RPL is a component running on Joomla!. If your Joomla! website cannot upload files, extract them, or run them, the same goes for RPL. These issues rely on different server settings and the way that Joomla is set up on your hosting. This is not an RPL related matter, and you can find technical information on the following link:

If your server settings are set this way, the script cannot access files/folders on the server (and in this case you may be forced to set access everywhere to 777). It is recommended to upload and extract Joomla installation files through the script itself, so the owner of the folders and files becomes the script owner itself and you can use upload file/images/attachments without any problem.

If you see that files are uploading to your server (for instance in propertywizard image gallery), but after loading, no image is added, the issue will be the same permission issue. We do not recommend that you set folder and file permissions to 777 as it can be a security risk.

This point applies to server-to-server transfers as well. If you are manually transferring the files by a compressed .zip file, make sure you unzip it by a PHP-running script, so the owner of files/folders becomes the PHP-runner.

The best solution is to choose another standard host. You can find more information in the following KB article:

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