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How can I display other variables in the listing page?
Posted by on 04 October 2012 08:16 AM

Note: This only for PHP developers, not normal users.

Que : How can I display other variables in the listing page?
Ans : The template file to modify for this purpose is: templates/template_name/html/com_rpl/propertylisting/default.php
         There is a $property array variable which contains some fields and values. You can check it by using this line of code:
         echo '<pre>'; print_r($property); echo '</pre>';
         and then display each field as you want it to display.
         If you want to display some other field which does not exist in that array, you can do it by making a query in the database to select that field for every        
         property using $pid variable which contains the id of the property. So, the query will be like this:
        "select field_name from #__rpl_properties where id=$pid".

Comments (2)
11 February 2013 01:02 AM
it doesn´t work it for me, could explain more in detail, I can not run the query :/
Melanie M.
20 December 2016 04:42 AM
RPL is deprecated and technical questions are not supported anymore. If needed, you can open a support ticket to our technical staffs.
Note: You must have a valid support coverage.