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I want a customized Real Estate website. Should I use your product or create/modify a system from scratch?
Posted by Alex A. on 25 July 2017 10:08 AM

Here is the comparison between a modified system and the original core of WPL:

A: Original Developer SDK (Software Development Kit) Platform based on WPL 
B: Altered Non-Standard Code Platform (newbie system) 

There are several factors you should consider:

1. Every day security advisors find new bugs or threats on Wordpress (CMS) itself, Wordpress Plugins, and other software platforms throughout the world. If you have non-standard altered codes, you cannot update the platform and this leaves you with a bug in the system which is a potential security issue.

We release automatic updates for the strong WPL platform.

2. Adding a new feature/add-on will cost you much more. Yes, it is possible that you may spend less in the beginning, but when you do the maintenance and continue adding more features, you will spend much more on developing as no one will support and care for altered codes. 

3. Support/reporting a bug will cost you money. If you find a bug in the system, you will need to find the developer and pay them to solve the bug. If you cannot find the developer, you will need to find another developer who will have no understanding of the codes, creating more of a mess in the system and spending lots of extra time. 

4. Compatibility Issues: Technology is changing rapidly. This means new platforms, new plug-ins, and new servers come every day. An altered non-standard code can cost your business significant time/money in the future. The original SDK platform is updated based on the requirements/feedback of hundreds of clients. This will break down the update cost between hundreds of clients. 

5. Newest technologies in the Market: The Original SDK platform developer (like Realtyna) will have a research team to monitor the newest technologies in the market and implement it before you even notice the new technology and understand that you are way behind your competitors. This is critical for having the newest technology in the market.

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