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Why Realtyna?
Posted by Giselle Abadi on 29 November 2011 08:07 AM

When it comes to having an advanced Real Estate website, the pitfall that holds most of the small/mid-sized Real Estate companies back is the big gap between what can be achieved technology-wise and what most development companies can deliver.
If a company develops an excellent piece of application for a Real Estate portal, they would rather keep it for themselves (such as Trulia or Zillow).
Other web development companies are not 100% focused on the Real Estate market, so they cannot deliver "the best" results.

Realtyna is the only web development company that is 100% focused on developing applications and solutions for the Real Estate market as a Turnkey solution. There are some other providers but they are SAAS and they don't really sell their applications. We are in the market to fill the gap between the best Real Estate technology and small/mid-sized Real Estate companies who wish to own their website and benefit from the best technology.

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