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How can I have more options in my RPL text editor?
Posted by Raymond M. on 10 May 2019 11:36 AM

RPL uses the Joomla default editor by the name of "TinyMCE" which can be configured in the plugin manager of Joomla.  The settings chosen for tinyMCE in Joomla will affect the editor in the PropertyWizard as well. In other words, all the options you see in your article manager will be seen in the RPL PropertyWizard.

To have the full buttons and functionality, you should set tinyMCE mode to "Extended." To do so, go to the Joomla backend->Extensions->Plugin Manager and look for TinyMCE. Once you have found the plugin, click on it and choose "Extended" from  the functionality dropdown menu under plugin parameters. Save the changes and your editor will have the full functionality of MCE.

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